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What to bring…

The gorge walk is quite steep and can be taxing, so you would benefit from bringing hiking boots, sneakers or running shoes.
Down in the gorge there are amber pools to swim in, so bring swimwear and a towel. It’s advisable to take a water bottle and save some for the return walk.

PLEASE NOTE: The area down at the river is litter free. There are no bins for rubbish, so what goes down, must come back up!
Things for the beach – you may want to visit the many wonderful beaches nearby, so bring a swimsuit.

The weather is variable. It can be sunny, windy, or rainy all in one day. It’s advisable to pack a waterproof jacket.

During our colder months (May to August) the early mornings and evenings can get cold, bring warm clothes and jackets.

A torch is always useful. The forest is pretty dark on moonless nights.

Bring binoculars; there is lots to see, and don’t forget your camera!

Bring food for your stay. The nearest supermarket is a twenty-minute drive away.