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We offer a variety of activities at our resort. Our guests often plan to visit local attractions, but sometimes, once they arrive, they don’t leave. It’s a beautiful place to relax and soak in the tranquillity.

Wander down to our communal entertainment area stocked with board games, a pool table, TV, foosball and table tennis. The pool area offers a small jet pool and larger swimming pool with the ever-popular balancing beam running its length.

Relax while the kids play on the jungle gym, enjoy the sandpit or head down to The Easel for a little arts and crafts. Take the kids to see our farm animals playing in the petting zoo, perhaps catching a glimpse of our peacock and peahen or just enjoy the quiet sense of being on a farm.

Walk through the forest. For the more adventurous, take an invigorating trip down to the gorge and swim in one of the cola-coloured rock pools. Soak in the sun on boulders dwarfed by massive yellowwood, ironwood and milkwood trees.

Teniqua Treetops is a birding paradise, with over a hundred species of bird. Awaken each morning to their spectacular dawn chorus. The night is a symphony of owls, nightjars and bushbuck. Every day, we are blessed with the calls of Knysna Turaco and African Fish Eagles.

We have 27 hectares of pristine indigenous forest, 3 hectares of fynbos and 6 hectares of open grassland. This encourages a wide range of birds.

Each Treetop Suite is private and hidden on the edge of the forest, becoming its own bird-hide. In the entertainment area there is a wild-fig tree that is its own eco-system. At night, if the fruit is ripe, you’ll see fruit bats enjoying a feast. During the day, Cape White Eyes, Knysna Turacos and Forest Canaries dine on the fruit. Vervet monkeys may even dare to snatch a fruit or two.

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