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Don’t come if…

For people who would be happier in a 5-star modern hotel, Teniqua Treetops is not the right holiday destination for you. Even though it’s a small percentage, we still feel bad when it happens.

If you’re uncertain about Teniqua being the right place for you, please read this page first.

98% of our guests love Teniqua Treetops

Teniqua Treetops is an authentic indigenous forest getaway. Many of our guests return and tell their friends about us. They often tell us Teniqua is the best holiday destination they’ve ever experienced.

But 2% don’t really like it. For your sake and ours, please read on …

There are few areas of pristine natural forest left in South Africa — this is one of them, and we actively take measures to preserve it.

If you don’t love being surrounded by trees, plants, birds, animals and insects … don’t come.

We won’t, don’t, can’t fumigate the forest. So, if you would rather be in a clean, sterile environment … don’t come.

If you have phobias about spiders, snakes, butterflies, moths … don’t come.

Horses, dogs, cats and a few other domestic and wild animals share our home. They may well come and say hello … if you don’t like animals, this is not for you.

If you love the shopping-mall culture – then Teniqua Treetops is probably not for you. You may not even see other guests throughout your stay.

Our baths and showers are open to the forest. No-one but forest creatures can see you. If that’s against your religious beliefs or sense of decorum, you won’t be happy here.

Although there is a wonderful variety of snakes at Teniqua, they will usually try to get away from you. We are on call to remove any uninvited guests.

Rain and hunting spiders will visit, they can be quite large but are completely harmless. We provide spider catching devices that you can easily use to remove them without harming them or yourself.

Mischievous Vervet monkeys and baboons may take a walk around your suite when you aren’t there.

They are curious and hungry, so make sure all food is packed away securely. No matter how cute they are, DO NOT feed them.