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Teniqua Enviro Tip

The Puff Adder – Bitis arietans

* Very Dangerous

Teniqua Treetops Eco Friendly Accommodation

I personally have the utmost respect for this snake, they are excellent hunters and remain calm at all times which is scary.

This snake is widespread over most of South Africa. This is a very heavy-bodied snake that is exceptionally strong and makes use of its beautiful camouflage and toxic venom to hunt.

While this guy is reluctant to move and has real patience it is not to be messed with. It will hiss and puff if provoked, so it is best just to leave the guy alone and let him continue his happy existence.

We refer to them as Sir/Madam Puff Adder.



Teniqua Treetops Eco Friendly Accommodation

Trust me he is more scared of us humans and has more reason to be scared of humans.

From some of the research I have done, this snake is one of the only snakes with the ability to use chemical camouflage and is one of the fastest back strikers.

At Teniqua Treetops we have been fortunate to spot a few of these guys, they are well respected and I relocate them to different parts of the farm if they are spotted in communal areas.

Another critter which keeps our forest healthy and thriving.

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