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Eco-Friendly Treetop Accommodation

Eco-Friendly Treetop Accommodation

Teniqua Treetops is a  Eco-Friendly Resort offering unique Treetop Accommodation!
Environmentally Friendly & Ecologically Sound…
A Responsible Holiday Choice

Teniqua Treetops endorses the vision of a cleaner world for all. We are an eco-friendly resort promoting eco-accommodation and tourism.

Climate change is a big concern, we actively try to minimize our energy usage whilst ensuring the long term sustainability of the indigenous forest on our farm.

We are low density and low impact.

We harvest our rain water which is crystal clear and use it for drinking and then we pump river water up for bathing and washing. The river water is brown in colour from the tannins in the fynbos (Natural South African flora).

eco-friendly resort treetop accommodation

Please contact the Team at Teniqua Treetops for availability and a quote for your next #romantic getaway :
Tel : +27 (0)44 356 2868
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