Resort Information

Resort Facilities

We offer a variety of activities at the resort. Often guests have plans to visit lots of places, but when they get here they don’t leave the resort. Its a great place to come and relax and enjoy the tranquility.

There is an communal entertainment area as well as a solar heated jacuzzi.


Teniqua Treetops endorses the vision of a cleaner world for all. We are an eco-friendly resort promoting eco accommodation and tourism.
​ Climate change is a big concern, we actively try to minimize our energy usage whilst ensuring the long term sustainability of the indigenous forest on our farm.

​We are low density and low impact.

Don’t Come If…

For some people Teniqua Treetops is not the right destination and they would rather be in a hotel. Even though it is a very small percentage, we still feel bad when it happens.
​So, if you are not sure, please read this page first.

98% of our guests love Teniqua Treetops.
It is an authentic indigenous forest hideout.

Bird Watching…

Teniqua Treetops is a bird-watching paradise. We looked at building bird-hides and realised each tree house is a bird hide. We get over a 100 different varieties of birds. Awaken each mornignto the sensual dawn chorus. 

We are blessed with the Knysna Touraco avery day.

What To Bring…

Please be aware that you are going to be in the bush. This is not a pristine, manicured environment; it is part of the forest and has a sense of wilderness attached to it. Generally, the areas around the tree houses and the pathways to them are clear.
The River Walk can be a little taxing and is quite steep, so you would benefit from bringing a pair of walking boots, shoes or takkies.


In common with other towns along the Garden Route, the climate is very mild. Winters rarely get particularly cold, and it’s not too hot in the summer either, making the area a perfect year round destination.

​​​Most visitors plan their visit to the area according to what they want to enjoy during their trip, rather than according to the weather.​We get approximately 4 days of rain every month and and 4 days overcast every month. We rarely get more than 2 days of consecutive rain. We frequently have our rain at night. We never get frost.

​In summer our average daytime temperature is around 24 and nights around 16, in winter our average day time temperature is around 17 degrees and night times around 7.

​The weather is very variable, it can change from wet and misty in the morning to warm and sunny during the day. Occassionally, we get severe wind storms, and or thunder and lightening, which is always very dramatic.

​​So bring a waterproof jacket, just in case. And warm clothes in winter.